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Invasive prenatal diagnostics

Invasive prenatal diagnostics

Invasive prenatal diagnostics combines medical procedures that allow samples to be taken for the early detection of genetic diseases by puncturing the uterus or amniotic cavity.

For this purpose, a special, particularly thin, ground needle is inserted through the patient's abdominal wall into the uterus, if necessary with prior application of a local anaesthetic. This procedure is carried out with the utmost care for both the mother's and the child's organism.

Nevertheless, every puncture of the amniotic cavity involves a certain, albeit very slight, risk of premature rupture of the membranes (< 0.2%). In order to minimise this risk, the treating doctor has highly specialised expertise and extensive experience.

We offer

  • Invasive diagnostics for genetic testing - Chorionic villus sampling (puncture of the placenta) - Amniocentesis
  • Cordocentesis (puncture of the umbilical cord)
  • intrauterine therapy
  • amniotic drainage / filling
  • intrauterine blood transfusion
  • stent placement.

The 3 treatment methods Invasive prenatal diagnostics

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